Hundo has been a solo metal act in West Michigan for the last five years, but don’t be mistaken - this one human’s presence is equal to that of a full stage. Even BOOTSY COLLINS protege, bassist phenom FREEKBASS remarked on the room filling aura as he watched a Hundo set before taking the stage himself when they played together for the second time in 2016, “Man, it feels like there’s ten people up there.”
Standing as one of Michigan’s finest electronic metal-fusion acts, Hundo forges sound like musical alchemy, creating vivid instrumental scores unlike most metal, electronic, or orchestral fans have ever heard before. Vicious-but-beautiful chops, reminiscient of DIMEBAG DARRELL, 
with a touch of HENDRIX’s soulsy blues, fused with monsterous percussion comparable to LAMB OF GOD or ANIMALS AS LEADERS. All of this is programmed into an electronic life form with a digital pulse that even TRENT REZNOR would feel beating, and supported by a symphony that might even make HANS ZIMMER smile.
“MADE IN MI” is Hundo’s first full-length album, a gritty-but-heartfelt tribute to her home state, the cover of which features the very symbol that has served as such a personal inspiration throughout her entire life: THE FIST in DETROIT, MI. Forever a symbol of internal and exernal strength alike, the monument represents JOE LOUIS’s fight for justice in unjust times, a reality that is eerily similar to that which we continue to face today.
Offstage, Hundo is deeply committed to community and state pro-activism, promoting awareness and speaking firsthand on behalf of transgender rights, particularly in the greater Grand Rapids area where she performs and is currently going through her own transition.
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